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Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on every supply of goods and services subject to VAT by the person registered for VAT in Cyprus and the EU. In this case, a person registered as a VAT payer is entitled to a refund of the VAT included in the price of purchased goods or services if they are used for business purposes.

VAT returns within Europe must be undertaken with consideration to the severe and high demands concerning the EU tax rules for trading companies. Here at Poradit, we understand that many can find the system difficult and complex and continues to and are ready to provide specific advice and guidance necessary for international trading companies, to supporting them in remaining compliant in their relevant jurisdictions.

  • Registration of companies in Cyprus as VAT payers;
  • Consultation of clients on the regulations and obligations for VAT in the EU;
  • Preparation and submission of VAT reports to the authorities;
  • Preparation and submission of lists of sales and intra-statistical reports of trading companies within the EU;
  • Assist customers with questions regarding VAT in the case of investigations and inquiries.

Our services can then be easily adapted to suit international companies, ensuring we are able to cater and support a variety of businesses, regardless of your location.

The system VIES – an electronic means of transmitting information on VAT registration and its validity for companies registered in the European Union, is primarily used to prevent the misuse of the terms of the zero VAT calculation.

Here at Poradit we can support your business with:

  • The registration of companies in the VIES system;
  • Preparation and submission of VIES reports to the authorities;
  • Assisting customers with questions regarding VIES in the case of investigations and inquiries.

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