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Legalization of Documents

Documents issued in one country (‘Source Country’) that need to be used in another country (‘Destination Country’) must be ‘authenticated’ or ‘legalized’ before recognized as valid. Through this process various seals of approvals are placed on the documents and these would then be used as the last originals. For international businesses, ensuring that your documents are compliant and legalized in all necessarily locations, is vital to ensure smooth operations.

Through our teams comprehensive experience across a variety of industries and locations, we can impart critical knowledge in regards ensuring that your documents are satisfactory for all relevant and necessary domains.

In certain circumstance, gaining an Apostille certificate is all that is generally required to legalise your documents. Here at Poradit we can support your business with correctly and effectively gaining this accreditation across all appropriate documents.

Consular legalization is intended for non-parties to Hague Legalization Convention, and are legalized following a specific procedure:

  • The document must be certified by a notary officer (certification of signatures, copy or original form)
  • The credentials of the notary has to be confirmed by the district court, or any other authority (depending on the country, in which legalization takes place)
  • Then Ministry of Foreign Affairs puts its mark, confirming the powers of the court
  • Final authority – Embassy (consulate) of the country where the company will operate. After checking the correctness of compiling all the documents and the credentials, the embassy (consulate) endorses a record of its seal.

At Poradit we have a range of advantageous contacts and connections, as well as expert experience in these services and so are able to impart critical knowledge on these specific services, in order to accurately support your business. These processes can be confusing and complicated for many, and by partnering with us, your key stakeholders can be alleviated of the unnecessary complications, and allow you to focus on building your business.

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